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A custom automatic gate system provides more than an eye-catching entrance to your home — it’s also a valuable investment in the protection and privacy of the people, pets and property inside. 

An effective gate solution — when designed, installed, and maintained correctly — greatly improves your privacy, your access to and the security of your home.

Not only are automatic driveway gates a serious deterrent to would-be thieves, they can also save you money on insurance premiums too. 

And should you move on from your home at any stage, well-maintained electric driveway gates will appeal to prospective buyers and thereby add further value to your property.

Our Automatic Gate Repair Services include

Why should you call a professional to repair your Automatic Gate...

What you may not realise is the settings for your automatic gate motor can be very complex. If you attempt to fix a problem yourself and you adjust the settings so they’re different from the original set up, it will make it very difficult to know what that original issue was.

We highly recommend calling a professional (like us!) for all your Automatic Gate repair needs. We have the knowledge, experience, and all the right tools to safely and accurately repair your Gate

If you’re having intermittent faults, they can be very frustrating to fix! To help us try and isolate the issue for you, try and record as much information as possible so you can report everything to us. Think about what the gate was doing when the issue occurs, how many times has it happened, what time of the day, what is the weather like at the time (cold, raining, etc.), was there beeping from the motor, give it a chance to do it a few times to see if there are any patterns. All this information will help us fix the issue for you as soon as possible.   .

A message from Reece Keuning – Automatic Entry Specialist Director and Lead Technician. 

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