Garage Door Servicing &
Preventative Maintenance

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Garage Door Servicing & Preventative Maintenance
Gold Coast

Regular maintenance of your garage door and motor is essential to ensure it continues to run perfectly every time you press the button for it to open and close.

A service works to ensure all the joints and hinges are well lubricated, and that the springs, tensioning, and motor are operating correctly, and there is no obvious fraying to the cables.

Regularly servicing your Garage Door helps to avoid potential long-term and very expensive problems. Also, it’s very important to remember, in most cases a regular maintenance service is required to ensure the warranty of your motor remains valid!

All Garage Doors should be serviced every 12 months (minimum) however, there are some scenarios where regular maintenance should be completed every 3 or 6 months.

Our Regular Maintenance Services include

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Services

To take hassle our of remembering to maintain your own Garage Door, we offer ongoing preventative maintenance services that are scheduled in regular increments.  We will contact you to schedule in your service at a time that suits you best.

We also offer no lock in pay as you go service agreements. No need to pay upfront – we will only invoice you once the service is complete.

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