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Honestly, is there anything more frustrating than having to get out of your car when you get home to unlock and manually open your Garage Door?

Never get stuck out in the rain, heat, or cold and avoid awkward conversations with those pesky neighbours by automating your Garage Door and having fully functioning remotes.

At the click of a button, you can have your Garage Door opening and closing from the comfort of your car or standing inside your home.

That is the convenience of Garage Door Automation.

Apart from convenience and comfort, there are some serious advantages to Garage Door Automation.

Our Garage Door Remote Services include

Why garage door remotes Increase Security...

There is no reliance on a key and latch to be manually engaged to lock your door. In addition, all automatic motors have locking settings which engage as soon as the Garage Door is completely closed.  As soon as the door is closed your home is locked and secure – very simple.

Opportunistic thieves often target old Garage Doors to break into homes. With a Garage Door motor installed, it is very hard for anyone to open your door from the outside without a remote

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