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Garage Door motors with new technology come standard with built-in safety features. One of these features is the sensitivity setting which is designed to recognising an obstruction putting your door into auto reverse. This forces your door to open the moment it senses an object in its path keeping your family from being injured or your vehicle from being damaged.

Our Repair Services include

We use and highly recommend Merlin Garage Door motors...

The range of Merlin Garage Door motors include a market leading 7 Year Warranty and built in premium safety reversal technology, to ensure your family and possessions are protected. Loaded with Merlin Security+2.0 encryption rolling code technology means perfect operation under all environment conditions.

Predominately, we supply and install the Merlin Commander Elite to residential homes.

The Commander Elite is myQ compatible & Battery Backup compatible, with heavy lifting power of 150kg and new powerful LED lighting.  

Each motor has its own functionality and specific set of operational requirements and restrictions. The recommendation for which motor would best suit you must be made taking into consideration your unique set of circumstances.

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