How to Open an Automatic Gate Manually

No Power? How To Open an Automatic Gate Manually.

Open an Automatic Gate Manually

If you have an Automatic Gate to enter your property and you lose power, you will need to use your manual release key to put your gate motor into manual mode.

Once your motor is released, you will then be able to physically side or swing the gate open to gain access to your property. If you need to secure your property, close the gate and use the manual release key to reengage the motor and lock the gate

Once the power is restored, ensure the motor is locked into position and use your remote to open.

When power is reconnected, if you’re having issues with your motor and you’re in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

If you have a Sliding or Swing Automatic Gate, the motor we choose to use and recommend to all our customers is Centsys.
We consider these motors to be the best on the market and they also come standard with a battery back up system so if you lose power, you will still be able to access your property.
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