Automatic Sliding Gate – Sun damaged drive racks are breaking gates and gate motors

Drive Rack for Sliding gate – Grey is sun damaged / Black is new

The Gold Coast is renowned for our beautiful sunny weather; our sub-tropical climate delivers around 300 days of sunshine per year! With this this many day of exposure to the sun, it’s no wonder the drive rack of automatic gates needs to be replaced.   

A very common problem that we find when we repair automatic sliding gates on the Gold Coast are issues with the drive rack. The drive rack often becomes brittle or breaks due to the exposure to the sun. Faulty or broken drive racks can cause damage to your gate and your motor.

Check your gate drive rack for damage before its too late.

In this picture above you can see two sets of automatic sliding gate drive rack. It’s incredible to think the grey rack in the foreground of this picture used to be black – the same as the black drive rack that you see in the background of this picture.

Our client believes this drive rack was installed when the gate was new only 3 years ago. It’s amazing to think the damage that can be caused in only a few short years.

Brittle drive rack can cause multiple issues to the operation of your Automatic Gate. When the rack becomes brittle it can cause the teeth to wear down or break. In serious situations, it can also cause your gate motor to lose its limits potentially damaging your gate or the motor itself.

You can self-diagnose if you have wear and tear on your automatic gate drive rack. You need to look for

  • Discolouration – this is a big hint that something isn’t quite right.
  • Worn or broken teeth
  • Plastic coating is cracked on the drive rack
  • Cog on your motor is skipping/slipping/jumping making and juddering noise 

If you worry that you’re having any issues with your Automatic Sliding Gate, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our technicians will be very happy to inspect your gate and professionally diagnose any issue you think you may be having.

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