Why we recommend Centsys Sliding Gate Motors

For the safety conscious family with an Automatic Gate on the Gold Coast, you can’t go past the Centsys Automatic Gate Motors.

For those with an Automatic Sliding Gate, we highly recommend the Centsys range of Sliding Gate Motors.

For residential use, you cant go past the Centsys D5 Evo.

Centsys D5 Evo Sliding Gate Motor
Centsys D5 Evo Sliding Gate Motor

Designed for any sliding gates up to 500kg, they come action packed with a multitude of programable features all designed to keep you, your family and pets, or your car safe.

Centsys D5 Evo Safety Features

The safety features include:

  • Battery Backup as standard so you will never be trapped outside of your property if there is a disruption to your power 
  • Lock out times so no one can open your gate before/after the time you set
  • Holiday Mode Disable remotes, keypads and any electronic devices while you are away from home or business
  • Auto open/close timers so you gate will open or close at the time same time everyday 
  • Settings to partially open your gate for pedestrian access
  • Sensitivity – if the gate feels any pressure from a person or object it will automatically reverse 
  • Loop detectors – we can install detectors, so they open automatically for vehicles (better suited for commercial car parks or residential housing complexes)
  • Lights can be fitted to the pillars of your gate and they will turn on when the gate is activated 
  • Exceptionally easy system set up via LCD user interface

Why not the Centsys D2?

The Centsys D2 Turbo is also a great little motor that is designed for light residential work – weight rated up to 250kg. Unfortunately, they do not come with as many safety features and with a price point not much lower than the D5, our recommendation would always be the D5 Evo over the D2.

The Centsys D10 Turbo Commercial & Industrial Sliding Gate Motor

For those in the commercial and industrial space, or residential home owners who have a heavy gate exceeding 500kg, theD10 Turbo is for you! This heavy industrial motor has all the brains of the D5 Evo with the brawn to tackle the weighty responsibility of any big automatic sliding gate. 

Why Centsys Sliding Gate Motors are perfectly designed for the Gold Coast

We believe the construction of these motors are the best on the market and perfectly designed to withstand life on the Gold Coast.

All the Centsys motors are constructed from sturdy hardened plastic that is UV resistant. This design makes the Centsys motors perfect for all Gold Coast properties as is has what it takes to stand up to the harsh heat and sun which we experience nearly all year round.

The hardened plastic also means that the componentry for your motor wont rust or corrode making it ideal for those living close to the ocean, estuary’s, or canal’s (high salt areas)

Another benefit is that the component are interchangeable. If you are to experience any issues with your motor, its highly likely that we can replace the part. A cost-effective solution because you avoid the expense of having to purchase a whole new motor

Support and Repair of the Centsys Automatic Gate Motor

We purchase all our Centsys motors from Queensland Gate Automation. A Gold Coast family run business (just like us!). They provide exceptional service and warranty on all the motors, and the support they offer to our technician’s is second to none.

What does that mean to you? Any issues with your motor, we will have them fixed fast giving you uninterrupted automatic entry to your property before you know it.  

This article has focused on Centsys electric automatic gate motors. For those without access to electricity at the entry of their property, Centsys has a range of solar options available to you. Please contact us to discuss. 

If you would like to discuss the Centsys range of Automatic Sliding Gate motors, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We’re Automatic Gate Repair specialist and we are happy to offer obligation free quotes for motor replacement. Please contact us today…

Information provided in this article is general in nature. It should not be taken as advice as it and does not take into consideration your personal circumstances. For a obligation free discussion and quote which is personalised to your needs and situation, please contact Reece Keuning on 0406 317 800 or email info@automaticentryspecialists.com.au

This article has focused on Centsys electric automatic gate motors. For those who have Swing Gates or those without access to electricity at the entry of their property, Centsys has a range of swing gate motors and solar options available to you. Please contact us to discuss. 

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