Repair your Centsys Vector Swing Gate Motor

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We had a customer with a Centsys Vector Swing gate motor that had stopped working. We were able to arrange for a repair instead of replacing his motor saving him over $1000!

Reece went to his property to diagnose the issue. The control board, battery, and power supply were all fine, so he isolated that the problem was inside the motor.  

Unfortunately, because he has an old Centsys Vector 400 Linear Swing Gate system (which has been replace by the Centsys Vantage Swing Gate Systems), we are limited to the parts that can be purchased for them. Instead of just telling our he needed to replace his motor, we contacted Queensland Gate Automation.

The guys at Queensland Gate confirmed they could repair the motor! So, we collected from Victoria Point in Brisbane drove it down to the QGA Headquarters on the Gold Coast.  3 days later, the motor was repaired so we drove it back up to his house for installation.

Look at it now… Perfect! Gate working after Vantage 400 Swing Gate Motor Repair

We also received some fantastic feedback from the homeowner – I think you could say he is one happy customer!

Testimonial from Peter Georgio – Victoria Point.
Reece was a delight to have in to repair our older model swing gate arm and power box.

He was on time, wasn’t averse to a chat whilst working (that didn’t stop his high level of work being done!), and was very knowledgeable about an older product. Reece also came up with a solution for repairs at a very reasonable price instead of having a brand new one installed.

Also, communicating with Rachael was a pleasure and they are a wonderful team. I would not hesitate in referring them to anyone that has a problem with their auto gates! Well done!!

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